AACE International/The Association for the Advancement of Cost Engineering TM
American Association of Family and Consumer SciencesAACE International is 6,000 cost professionals worldwide who are concerned with Cost Management, Cost Engineering, Cost Estimating, Cost Control, Profitability Analysis, Planning and Scheduling, and Project Management. It is the one technical association concerned with all aspects of project costs from the original conceptual estimate to completion of construction to operating and manufacturing costs to eventual abandonment. We invite you to explore what AACE International has to offer:
  • Cost Engineering magazine, the monthly journal of cost engineering,cost estimating, cost control and project management;
  • Local Sections which meet monthly in many major cities;
  • Technical committees specializing in all aspects of costs, estimating, and management;
  • Continuingeducation seminars, technical symposia, and a large annual meeting;
  • A Certified Cost Engineer/Certified Cost Consultant program accredited by CESB and ICEC
    ... and much more
  • AnInterim Cost Consultant certification program accreditedby ICEC

Formore information, contact AACE International at:

    AACE Headquarters
    209 Prairie Avenue, Suite 100
    phone: 800.858.COST(2678) | 304.296.8444
    fax: 304.291.5728
    E-mail: info@aacei.org
    Website: www.aacei.org